Guest Post By: Iveta Ivanova


Are you interested in purchasing a new remote control toy but unsure exactly what you want? If so, we have some ideas for you. Whether you’re interested in buying a remote control helicopter or car there are plenty of options out there for you. We have put together a list with some of the best RC toys available in our store right now. Here’s a quick insight into their best features and what they can do. If this is your first remote control toy, we recommend you invest in a gadget insurance policy for your own security and peace of mind. Each of the toys listed below has their own unique benefits and characteristics. Enjoy!

Large 3 Channel RC Helicopter - Apache

Cobra Toys - Large 3 Channel RC Helicopter - Apache


This large RC helicopter has great aerobatic capabilities and an impressive flying time span. The helicopter uses Li-Poly batteries; these allow for a quicker charge time and longer play time. Being a large remote control helicopter it is ideal for outdoor flying. The helicopter is also easy to fly indoors and its premium quality design and construction ensures the highest level of durability. Its superb engineering is based on a twin, counter-rotating design that gives it a powerful force as well as ease of use. The exterior design is aesthetically pleasing with a cool army look. The helicopter is recommended for anyone over the age of 14.

Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter - Matt Black with Gyro

Cobra Toys - Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter - Matt Black with Gyro


We’ve got another great remote control helicopter to tell you about. This mini helicopter is perfect for beginners and fits in the palm of your hand. Its size makes it ideal for indoor flight and it’s extremely durable thanks to its metal alloy frame design. It promises for a smooth, stable flight thanks to its coaxial design and gyro. The Matt Black has an impressive built in gyroscope with a unique function of angle compensation. Its quality battery allows for long flying times and it can be conveniently charged by USB. This mini helicopter comes with a special sticker page allowing you to decorate your helicopter with different country flags and simulate battles. It is recommended for anyone over the age of 8.

Lunar RC Stunt Car

Cobra Toys - Lunar RC Stunt Car


If helicopters aren’t your thing, we have another exciting toy for you. This RC stunt car has the ability to drive forwards, backwards, on two wheels and on its back! Its extended range radio control allows for performing stunts indoor and outdoor; it has impressive strength and is powerful enough to pop a wheelie. Its aesthetic qualities are also worth mentioning, with a high quality plastic body that withstands crashes and colorful, light emitting wheels. This toy is especially good for little children and we recommend it for anybody over the age of 3.


There you go, a quick insight into the best of what we have to offer, hours of fun guaranteed. Happy flying/driving!