Is your remote controlled helicopter, your RC car, or your remote controlled airplane suffering from a case of the 'blahs'? If you are feeling like your remote controlled vehicle just isn't looking like it belongs to you, or is simply looking drab, it's time to consider customizing your RC toys. Personalizing your remote controlled toys is an excellent way to get your stuff easily recognizable in races, rallies, and even among friends' gatherings. It's a good way to make your remote controlled helicopter, car, boat, or plane an eye-catching conversation piece when you are out and about, too.

A good personalization move is to start painting your RC toys in a color scheme that you enjoy. Good paint for this purposes can be picked up at any hobby store. Need to know what kind of paint to choose? Asking a customer service rep will probably get you the answers that you need. Some of the more popular painting design schemes include camouflage, zebra stripes, solid colors, and also racing stripes. Remember to choose a painting design that you can do with your current level of painting skills. Otherwise, it may not look too hot once you're done painting.

The colors that you choose are your choice, but we suggest getting bright (or even neon) colors in order to make finding your RC toys a breeze. Imagine getting your remote controlled helicopter or plane stuck in a tree. Camo paint will probably not make it too easy to spot, but Day-Glo orange will. It's best to try to mix function and style into one design when painting an RC helicopter, plane, or boat. Cars are easy to find, since they'll stay on the ground, so with those RC toys, the sky's the limit.

If you don't feel like whipping out the paints in order to customize your remote controlled car, getting some small decals might be what the doctor ordered. The fun thing about adding decals to remote controlled toys is that they offer a professional look without too much effort. When you are racing remote controlled cars, it also looks a little more realistic than other forms of decoration. After all, racing cars do have decals on their hoods. For the best outcome, we suggest painting your RC toys, and then adding a decal on top.

The important thing to remember about your remote controlled toys is that they are yours. Making your RC toys customized for your own use will make you feel like it is your own work of art, and it will  make it even more rewarding to fly. This is why even people who fly RTF remote controlled helicopters want to customize their own copters. It's just that rewarding!