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Cobra RC Helicopters - FAQ Videos

Wednesday, 2 October 2013 08:43:11 BST

For those of you already flying your Cobra R/C helicopters, check out our support videos with useful maintenance tips, how-tos and answers to frequently asked questions:


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Choosing an RC Toy

Monday, 16 September 2013 14:25:40 BST

Guest Post By: Iveta Ivanova


Are you interested in purchasing a new remote control toy but unsure exactly what you want? If so, we have some ideas for you. Whether you’re interested in buying a remote control helicopter or car there are plenty of options out there for you. We have put together a list with some of the best RC toys available in our store right now. Here’s a quick insight into their best features and what they can do. If this is your first remote control toy, we recommend you invest in a gadget insurance policy for your own security and peace of mind. Each of the toys listed below has their own unique benefits and characteristics. Enjoy!

Large 3 Channel RC Helicopter - Apache

Cobra Toys - Large 3 Channel RC Helicopter - Apache


This large RC helicopter has great aerobatic capabilities and an impressive flying time span. The helicopter uses Li-Poly batteries; these allow for a quicker charge time and longer play time. Being a large remote control helicopter it is ideal for outdoor flying. The helicopter is also easy to fly indoors and its premium quality design and construction ensures the highest level of durability. Its superb engineering is based on a twin, counter-rotating design that gives it a powerful force as well as ease of use. The exterior design is aesthetically pleasing with a cool army look. The helicopter is recommended for anyone over the age of 14.

Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter - Matt Black with Gyro

Cobra Toys - Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter - Matt Black with Gyro


We’ve got another great remote control helicopter to tell you about. This mini helicopter is perfect for beginners and fits in the palm of your hand. Its size makes it ideal for indoor flight and it’s extremely durable thanks to its metal alloy frame design. It promises for a smooth, stable flight thanks to its coaxial design and gyro. The Matt Black has an impressive built in gyroscope with a unique function of angle compensation. Its quality battery allows for long flying times and it can be conveniently charged by USB. This mini helicopter comes with a special sticker page allowing you to decorate your helicopter with different country flags and simulate battles. It is recommended for anyone over the age of 8.

Lunar RC Stunt Car

Cobra Toys - Lunar RC Stunt Car


If helicopters aren’t your thing, we have another exciting toy for you. This RC stunt car has the ability to drive forwards, backwards, on two wheels and on its back! Its extended range radio control allows for performing stunts indoor and outdoor; it has impressive strength and is powerful enough to pop a wheelie. Its aesthetic qualities are also worth mentioning, with a high quality plastic body that withstands crashes and colorful, light emitting wheels. This toy is especially good for little children and we recommend it for anybody over the age of 3.


There you go, a quick insight into the best of what we have to offer, hours of fun guaranteed. Happy flying/driving!

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RC Helicopters VS RC Planes - Why RC Helicopters are Better

Saturday, 12 November 2011 17:15:05 GMT

Remote control enthusiasts often find themselves debating which remote controlled toy is the best out of all of them. RC car fans will swear on their lives that they are more entertaining than RC boats. RC helicopter and RC plane fans are usually the ones who find themselves in the most arguments about this particular subject. This article will explain the argument about RC helicopters over RC planes.


Tricks and Stunts

The main argument that RC helicopter enthusiasts use when it comes to the hobby's superiority is that RC helicopters can do a lot more tricks than RC planes. Planes may be famous for their stunts when they are large size, but a tiny RC helicopter can do things that RC planes simply cannot do. For instance, there are no RC planes on the market that can hover an inch from the ground, upside down. This is a very impressive RC helicopter stunt that often is brought up in conversations about the interesting things that RC helicopters can do. Meanwhile, RC planes are basically confined to loop de loops and similar tricks.

RC helicopters are also easier to maneuver when it comes to advanced tricks. While most affordable remote controlled airplanes will only have 4 controls or so, RC helicopters (even in the inexpensive) range have 6. The higher range of motion means that you can do more with your copter, and it also means that you are getting more bang for your proverbial buck. It should also be mentioned that certain airplanes also have 6 controls, but due to their design, don't have the same flying abilities.

RC Helicopter

Controls and Channels

The most commonly cited difference between RC helicopters and RC airplanes is their directional abilities. Helicopters, due to the way that they are propelled through the air, can go straight up, and straight down, without having to move left or right. Meanwhile, RC airplanes have to move both left and right while moving up or down. This nifty little additional ability is fun to watch, especially if you have a camera mounted to your RC helicopter.

RC Plane

Camera and Spying

Camera work is where RC airplanes and RC helicopters greatly differ. RC airplanes will often have cameras attached, but the video playback that you will get will be too fast, and too confusing to follow visually, to really enjoy. Meanwhile, RC copters won't have that problem. RC copters, though they can reach high speeds, can also go at a slower pace than RC planes. This in turn creates video playback that is really enjoyable to watch.

Those are just some of the things that many RC helicopter enthusiasts find incredible about their favorite hobby toys. You might find more, if you are a real helicopter enthusiast. Stay turned for another versus post!


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RC Helicopters – Ready To Fly Versus Building Kits

Thursday, 22 September 2011 02:08:27 BST

Everyone who is into RC helicopters know that there are two primary ways to work on your RC helicopter hobby when it comes to buying new copters. You can choose to get a pre-made, ready to fly remote control helicopter, or you can buy a kit that comes with all of the parts you'll need in order to properly assemble your own remote controlled helicopter. This also causes a big divide among RC copter fans. For each person who swears by RTF copters, there is another one who insists that the only way to really experience all that you can with a remote controlled helicopter is to build it yourself.  So, which one is correct? Well, both.

Beginners usually will buy RTF helicopters because of the fact that they are easy to work with. The last thing that most beginners want to deal with is a helicopter that might be too complicated to actually finish building. RTF helicopters might not be as customizable as their DIY counterparts, but they are convenient, and they can still do most of the tricks that DIY helicopters can do. They are excellent for beginners, and also great for people who simply enjoy the flying aspect of the RC helicopter hobby. What more is there to say?

Others insist upon the DIY RC helicopter kits, and for good reason. There are very few hobbies left in the world which allow you to create something that you can hold in your hands. Making your own RC helicopter fly is a very intimate, even magical experience for some. It's literally watching your work take flight. Moreover, people who enjoy the idea of building with their hands, as well as engineering majors, tend to choose RC helicopter kits because of the fact that it teaches you about what has to go into making a machine that can fly. They are highly customizable, and they are also educational.

There are obvious pitfalls to both DIY and RTF remote control helicopters. RTF helicopters tend to be more expensive, and are more difficult to customize. DIY versions can be difficult to put together unless you have had some previous experience with building your own models. RTF helicopters don't have the same intimate aspect of creating your own machine that kits often have. Meanwhile, DIY kits can be very time-consuming for people who don't have much time to waste. Depending on what you are looking for in a RC helicopter, you will probably want to choose one over the other. Either way, you are going to enjoy having an RC helicopter.

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Personalizing Your RC Helicopters

Tuesday, 6 September 2011 18:17:40 BST

Is your remote controlled helicopter, your RC car, or your remote controlled airplane suffering from a case of the 'blahs'? If you are feeling like your remote controlled vehicle just isn't looking like it belongs to you, or is simply looking drab, it's time to consider customizing your RC toys. Personalizing your remote controlled toys is an excellent way to get your stuff easily recognizable in races, rallies, and even among friends' gatherings. It's a good way to make your remote controlled helicopter, car, boat, or plane an eye-catching conversation piece when you are out and about, too.

A good personalization move is to start painting your RC toys in a color scheme that you enjoy. Good paint for this purposes can be picked up at any hobby store. Need to know what kind of paint to choose? Asking a customer service rep will probably get you the answers that you need. Some of the more popular painting design schemes include camouflage, zebra stripes, solid colors, and also racing stripes. Remember to choose a painting design that you can do with your current level of painting skills. Otherwise, it may not look too hot once you're done painting.

The colors that you choose are your choice, but we suggest getting bright (or even neon) colors in order to make finding your RC toys a breeze. Imagine getting your remote controlled helicopter or plane stuck in a tree. Camo paint will probably not make it too easy to spot, but Day-Glo orange will. It's best to try to mix function and style into one design when painting an RC helicopter, plane, or boat. Cars are easy to find, since they'll stay on the ground, so with those RC toys, the sky's the limit.

If you don't feel like whipping out the paints in order to customize your remote controlled car, getting some small decals might be what the doctor ordered. The fun thing about adding decals to remote controlled toys is that they offer a professional look without too much effort. When you are racing remote controlled cars, it also looks a little more realistic than other forms of decoration. After all, racing cars do have decals on their hoods. For the best outcome, we suggest painting your RC toys, and then adding a decal on top.

The important thing to remember about your remote controlled toys is that they are yours. Making your RC toys customized for your own use will make you feel like it is your own work of art, and it will  make it even more rewarding to fly. This is why even people who fly RTF remote controlled helicopters want to customize their own copters. It's just that rewarding!

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R/C Helicopters

Sunday, 21 August 2011 16:28:13 BST

A Quick Guide To RC Helicopter Tricks


RC helicopters are ideal for doing impressive tricks, and sometimes it can be hard to describe what exactly they do. If you are one of the many who want to learn how to make your remote control helicopter do amazing stunts, and actually want to know the name of the stunt you are doing, read on. Here are some popular RC helicopter stunts to try.

  • The Auto Pushover – this is basically a dive straight into the ground, with a last minute rise upwards before the helicopter hits the ground. (Note: This means the helicopter gets out safely from the crash. Do not faceplant your helicopter and call that an Auto Pushover.)
  • Loops – this genre of tricks basically covers anything that makes the helicopter go upside down in a circular motion with the tip of the helicopter directing which way it is headed in the loop. There are many ways to do this, including Pirouetting Loops, Outside Loops and more.
  • Death Spiral – the most dramatic trick around. Fly the helicopter straight up into the air, then let it drop straight down while it spirals clockwise or counterclockwise. Once it reaches eye level, make the helicopter fly parallel to the ground in order to avoid crashing.
  • Upside Down Stall – flipping your helicopter and making it hover inches away from the ground is called an upside down stall.
  • Barrel Roll – when you perform a loop in which the helicopter’s sides are what turns upside down. The front and back of the helicopter move as little as possible.
  • Stalls – making your helicopter move slowly, or making your helicopter hover.

Of course, there are many more different tricks and maneuvers to try out, however, these are the most popular tricks that you can only do with an RC helicopter. Don’t have an RC helicopter? Buy one today!

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Remote Controlled Helicopters

Friday, 10 December 2010 11:13:13 GMT

What You Should Know About RC Helicopters
Radio controlled helicopters are one of the most popular types of radio controlled toys. RC helicopters are sold in great varieties.  Differences stem from various aspects of production like design, the source of power, the material of which the body structure is made, prize and, lastly, size. All these things should be factored in by buyers when they look for the perfect RC helicopters for themselves or for their kids.
In so far as the size of helicopters, three types exist. The size, in addition, basically depends on the size of the engine or motor and the rotor diameter. Let’s get to know more about the three types of helicopters according to size:

Mini RC Helicopters

This type, as the name implies, is the smallest among the three types. The usual size can be compared to the size of your palm. The remote control that controls mini helicopters uses two types of technologies when it sends commands to the toy: the Infrared (IR) for shorter distance and the radio control (RC) for longer distances. The former needs line of sight between the remote control and the toy in order to have a smooth flying. The latter, on the other hand, can work even through walls or doors.
Most mini RC helicopters are made of plastic or foam. These materials can last longer and withstand the impact of crashes. In addition, they also contain the so-called gyroscopic control or gyro. Gyro functions as stabilizers.

Mid-sized RC Helicopters
If you want an RC heli that is not that small and too large to play with, you might probably looking for the mid-sized RC helicopter. In addition, medium sized helis have remarkable stability so it can be played indoor or even outdoors.
Like mini helis, mid-sized helicopter’s remote control uses a type of frequency in sending command to the toy. Radio wave technology is used to communicate with the remote control. In addition, mini helicopters have gyros like mini helicopters to ensure smooth and stable flight.

Large RC Helicopters
If you are the adventurous type of person, you might probably want to have a large RC helicopter. Large helis are ideal for outdoor recreation. They are not recommended for indoor flight.
Like mid-sized helicopters, large-sized RC helicopters utilize radio wave technology in communicating with the remote control. What is remarkable about large RC helicopters are their capacity to fly higher and longer outdoors.

Now that you know the different sized of helicopters, choose the one that fits your personality. If you want to give this as a gift to your kid, you should try to buy mini ones first before mid-sized and large helicopters.

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